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Our story

Founded in 2020 by Julie MBAYE-YASSIBANA during COVID-19 pandemic, STEAM Curious was first launched in France with  programs for teens and pre-teens. Together, with Dr Thabiso NJONGWE, camps were tailored for South African schools.


Today, the team is focusing on creating programs that will impact Youth and close the digital gap in Africa.

A Young Woman Reading a Book

Our Mission

To harness curiosity and digital savviness of young people in Africa by creating opportunities that inspire them to discover real-life applications of digital technologies, to improve lives and thrive in a constantly changing world.

Our Values


I question, I explore, I innovate.


I dare and I can!


Even if fail, I learn, try again until I succeed.


I embrace my uniqueness and leverage others differences.


I care about the future, therefore, I create impactful solutions.

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